Rotating Coverslip Insert (I-3078-R)

The new I-3078-R insert accepts a rectangular dish with a maximum bottom outside dimension of 76.2 mm x 50.8 mm (3.00” x 2.00”), and places it about 6.7 mm below the top of the insert. The I-3078-R is designed to allow rotating freely our stainless steel I-3078-2450 coverglass rectangular chamber. This autoclavable dish holds a replaceable 50 mm x 24 mm (1.97” x 0.95”) coverglass bottom, sealed in place by an O-ring. Ease of access side slots. Spring clips for secure stability. Dishes do not come with insert.

Depth from top of Insert:  6.7 mm

Overall Thickness: 8.0 mm

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