Ultra-Stable US-2000 Flat-Top XY Automated Stage for Super Resolution Microscopy

About the US-2000 XY Stage

The US-2000 has been designed to provide an ultra-stable, high resolution stage for super resolution microscopy, especially localization microscopy. Materials were selected to minimize thermal drift not only in the X and Y-axes, but Z as well. It utilizes crossed-roller bearings, a high precision lead screw, and closed-loop DC servomotors. Though the US-2000 is the most thermally stable of ASI’s stages (without feedback), other stages offer longer travel and better repeatability and resolution.

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US-2000 XY Stage Features
  • XY thermal drift comparable to a plate of aluminum
  • Focus (Z-axis) thermal drift much less than a typical stage
US-2000 XY Stage Lead Screw Options

Please contact us regarding alternative leadscrew options for the US-2000.

Lead Screw Pitch Options Rotary Encoder Resolution Maximum Speed
1.59 mm (Fine) 5.5 nm 1.75 mm/sec