PRS-1000 Precision Rotary Stage

About the PRS-1000

The PRS-1000 Precision Rotary Stage utilizes ASI’s proven precise control through the use of closed-loop DC servomotors and angle encoded out drive. The low profile design with the ability to be integrated into our MS-2000 XY stages offers flexible usage. Standard versions have a ø 95mm clear through aperture, use all of ASI’s C size inserts, and have M3 tapped holes on 125mm D.B.C. The PRS-1000 is also available with solid top plates for vacuum applications and M6 on 25mm centers.

More Info

XY Specifications for Standard Configuration
Travel Range 360º Continuous (bi-directional)
Max Velocity 10º/s
Load Capacity 2kg (higher loads available)
Angle Encoder Resolution 0.00019o
Overall Height 30mm
Clear Aperture ø 95mm
Run Out <20 μm