Return Merchandise Authorization

Important RMA Procedures

1. Call (800) 706-2284 or email for an RMA number.
2. Please print and complete this RMA Form or use the form below.
3. Please write the RMA number of the outside of your shipping box. Unless otherwise advised please return both stage and controller, preferably in original packaging.
4. Please provide as much detail as possible about the nature of the problem, including the circumstances under which the failure has occurred.

After submitting and confirming your RMA form, please send your system to:
Applied Scientific Instrumentation
29391 W Enid Rd.
Eugene, OR 97402, USA

International Shipping Instructions

Please note ASI will only accept shipments for repairs & returns that follow the below procedures.
If ASI is billed for custom duties because the following procedures are not followed ASI will bill the shipper for these charges.

ASI is not responsible for any custom duties, fees, tariffs, merchandise processing, and/or storage when shipping a RMA back to the US for repair. This is the responsibility of the customer.
For smooth import/export of repair shipments, we strongly encourage you to use FEDEX.

Please email your completed “Foreign Shipper’s Declaration of U.S. Goods Returned” paperwork, and any other relevant paperwork that you are sending with the return shipment, to before sending your equipment back to us.

Shipper must use below forms when returning items for repair.

If the below forms:

Foreign Shipper’s Declaration of U.S. Goods Returned


are not filled out and reviewed by ASI personnel before shipment on all international orders a RMA# will not be issued. Shipments without the above forms and a valid RMA# will be refused for delivery by ASI. If you have any questions concerning this please call 541-461-8181 or email

  • On your Pro Forma Invoice clearly state: “This is US goods returning to manufacturer for repair and then to be returned. “
  • Shipment Purpose: Return and Repair
  • Use the harmonized code: 9801.00.1012. This harmonized code is for equipment repairs and returns. “Articles returned temporarily for repair, alteration, processing or the like, then foregoing to be re-exported”
  • When we finish the repair we will declare the amount of repair with the associated commodity HTS.
  • Please keep your export records noting your repair shipment. You will need this documentation to re-import your repair and avoid duties.

Return Shipping Address:

Applied Scientific Instrumentation
Att: RMA #
29391 W. Enid Rd
Eugene, OR 97402

Electronic notification to:
If you have any further questions or concerns regarding your return shipping, send inquiry to Kimberly Zemek –

Foreign Goods Returned – Repair and Return Guidelines

Foreign Goods Returned – Repair and Return Guidelines

International Returned Form

Foreign Shipper’s Declaration of U.S. Goods Returned

Declaration for Free Entry of Returned American Products

Returned goods-CBP Form 3311

Importers Declaration of US Goods Returned

Importers Declaration of US Goods Returned

Foreign Shippers Declaration of US Goods Returned

Foreign Shippers Declaration of US Goods Returned