MX130 3-Axis Micromanipulator

About the MX130

The MX130 Manipulator is designed to maximize available space. The narrow profile design allows multiple manipulators to be placed in one quadrant.

The MX130 provides 38 mm coarse and 5 mm fine positioning travel in the X-axis. Two and a half turns of the coarse adjustment knob will fully retract the device. One complete turn of the large fine position knob results in 300 μm of travel. Since the MX130 utilizes precision lead screws and machining, the travel is smooth and precise, and allows sub-micron positioning. The assembly is equipped with a probe clamp for easy changing of electrodes, pipettes, or other implements.

Y- and Z-axis adjustments are accomplished with the fine adjustment screws mounted on the back of the device. Additionally, the Z-axis adjust screw can be configured with its knob on the top or the bottom, which ever provides the best access. The device angle is easily set by loosening the locking screw. The slotted mounting base provides for rough rotational positioning and flexible mounting options, either base or post. Left-hand or right-hand models allow flexibility to suit the application.
The extra length dovetail stage of the X-axis, combined with the spring-loaded pivot mechanism (US patent #6590723) of the other two axes, allow for a high level of stability. This allows for smooth and precise micromanipulation.

More Info

MX130 Features
  • Repeating probe holder
  • Combined coarse and fine control on X-axis.
  • Narrow, space-saving design.