Märzhäuser Micromanipulators

About our Micromanipulators

ASI offers Märzhäuser’s line of micromanipulators and piezo devices. The micromanipulators are built to demanding specifications and are a standard within the scientific community. The piezo devices are used for piercing cell walls quickly and precisely. We offer both manual and motorized micromanipulators with a wide range of features and configurations. We can special order manipulators, such as the MD4, MMJ, and PZ10 micromanipulators from Märzhäuser which we not keep in stock.

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MM33 Micromanipulator

The popular MM33 Micromanipulator (pictured above left) is a small and compact unit for manual manipulation in all three axes. The scales on the slides allow readings of the coarse adjustment with an accuracy of 0.1 mm. The additional x-axis fine control is achieved with a micrometer screw with a resolution of 10 μm. The range of travel is 37 mm in the x-axis, 20 mm in the y-axis, and 25 mm in the z-axis. The fine control has a travel of 10 mm. The micromanipulator is supplied with either a 10 mm or a 12 mm clamp for attachment. An 80° tilting base is offered as an option.

The MM33 is commonly used with ASI’s MPPI-3 Milli-Pulse Pressure Injector for injecting a wide range of cells including oocytes, zebrafish, and other embryos.