Single-Objective Light Sheet

About ASI’s Single-Objective Light Sheet

The single-objective light sheet geometry – known in the literature as OPM, SCAPE, SOPi, eSPIM, and SOLS – enables 4D fluorescence imaging of biological samples at high speed and low light dose with conventional sample mounting. Previously such a microscope had to be home-built; now ASI is making this transformative technology broadly available in collaboration with Leica Microsystems.

The single sample-facing objective is used for both light sheet illumination and detection. The illumination light sheet and detection plane are scanned together at the sample using a galvo, and the stationary descanned image is captured by a camera. This scheme allows volumetric imaging at camera-limited frame rates with negligible bleaching and excellent optical sectioning.

This microscope system is flexible, affordable, and easily customized to fit your needs. It is compatible with most laser launches and sCMOS cameras. It is well-suited to image cells, organoids, or similar cell cultures mounted in any coverslip-bottom holder including 35 mm dishes, chamber slides, or multi-well plates.

More Info

Single-objective light sheet features
    • flexible and customizable to fit various user needs
    • affordable compared with alternative systems
    • well-suited to image cells, organoids, or cell cultures
    • compatible with well plates, 35 mm dishes, and chamber slides
    • compatible with most sCMOS cameras and laser launches
    • camera-limited frame rates and with millisecond flyback for fast volumetric imaging
    • compatible with a range of environmental control options