AMS-AGY Objectives

About the AMS-AGY Objectives

The two Calico-invented AMS-AGY objectives make it easy to implement hight NA single-objective light-sheet (SOLS) microscopes using a variety of primary objective lenses. The field of view is the main difference between the two versions. SOLS enables fast and gentle imaging using light sheet but with conventional microscope geometry and sample mounting.

ASI offers various other products related to SOLS microscopes, including scan-optimized stages, FTP-2000 platform to allow the sample to be brought into focus without moving the primary objective, coverslip gluing service, and modular optomechanical components which can be used to build a complete SOLS microscope.

Note: Can only be sold to academic and non-profit institutions; no dealer sales or sales to companies without special permission from Calico

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AMS-AGY Objective Features
  • Tertiary objective for single-objective light-sheet microscopes