VTS-2300 Versatile Test Stand

VTS-2300 Features

Our Versatile Test Stand is used in conjunction with our Modular Infinity Microscope System. Some of the features of the VTS-2300 include:

  • Base is a Breadboard on 25 mm centers tapped for M6 screws with threaded holes for risers for TE/TI-2000, TE-300, IX-71/81, DMI, and MS-2000 stages
  • Base feet provide vibration isolation
  • Z riser is adjustable on pillar blocks
  • Z motion from LS-50 or LS-100 linear stage
  • Z illumination can use LED, LED and a Condenser (from below), or fiber illumination (from above)
  • Observation is with a Modular Infinity Microscope

More Info

Basic MIM Specifications
  • Infinity Space Beam Splitter Cube – can be used for Epi-fluorescence filter cube or as right-angle objective adapter.
  • Objective Adapter – options for Nikon CFI60, Mitutoyo, or Olympus RMS thread objectives.
  • Universal Coupling – used on all infinity-space components for design flexibility.
  • C-Mount Beam Splitter – provides a second camera/detector port.
  • Filter Wheel Adapter – Use with ASI FW-1000 Filter Wheel.
Basic Components
Tube lens 200 mm F.L.
Beamsplitter Olympus AX/BX/IX series cube
Beamsplitter optical length 60 mm
Objectives supported Nikon CF160 Series, Mitutoyo LWD Series, *Olympus ∞ corrected
Camera port C-Mount

*Olympus objectives will have overall magnification 1.11 x objective marking