DS-1000 Manual Stage

About the DS-1000

The DS-1000 is a compact manual stage driven by differential thread screw process. The DS-1000 series of manual stages can be mounted securely to Metric or English bread boards via M6 or ¼-20 low head socket cap screws. There are 3 leadscrew options including the DS-1000-151, DS-1000-212, and the DS-1000-476.

The body has four 3mm Alignment Dowels of 1.5″ (38.1 mm) centers. Along with eight M6x1.0 tapped holes on 25mm centers. The slides have the same alignment dowels and M6 tapped holes so you can stack various DS-1000 stages to each other. The stages are 14mm thick and are designed to be as thin as possible while still maintain a strong dependable integrity. Optional breadboard mounting toe clamps can be installed to the body in various positions.

More Info

Leadscrew Options
Slide Movement Per Revolution Travel of Slide from Center
151 um (168 TPI) +/- 2mm
212 um (120 TPI) +/- 2mm
476 um (53 TPI) +/- 7mm