Modular Infinity Microscope (MIM)

The Modular Infinity Microscope System

Our Modular Infinity Microscope System offers a flexible solution for specialized applications.

About the MIM System

ASI Modular Microscope components consist of tube lenses along with adapters and accessories that either are primarily used in the collimated light space or adapters that are to be used on the image side. Collimated light adapters use the 38 mm diameter C60-RING system to connect components. Focus-side adapters attached to lens tubes with either a 30 mm diameter coupling to the I.D. of the C60-TUBE, or with a 50 mm coupling on the O.D. of the lens tube.

With infinity microscope systems, the objective can be spaced away from the tube lens without changing the optical magnification. This “infinity space” provides a region where other optical systems can be coupled to the microscope relatively easily. For epi-fluorescent illumination, a filter cube with a dichroic beam splitter can be added to provide the illumination path.

The cube module accepts a standard Olympus U-MF2 filter cube and provides coupling to the objective, tube lens assembly, and a fiber illuminator optic.

The MIM system uses as standard 38 mm diameter coupling ring to attach standard modules together. Three or four set screws on each component lock to the coupling ring and provide a simple, accurate, and flexible method of assembly. Each coupling ring also provides a space to include a beam stop. Appropriately placed stops can significantly reduce scattered light in the system.

The minimum parts required to construct an infinity microscope system are the microscope objective, the tube lens, and a camera mount.

More Info

Basic Components for the MIM System
  • Tube Lens Section – image forming section with 200 mm f.l. tube lens.
  • C-Mount – camera port.
  • Infinity Space Beam Splitter Cube – can be used for Epi-fluorescence filter cube or as right-angle objective adapter.
  • Objective Adapter – options for Nikon CFI60, Mitutoyo, or Olympus RMS thread objectives.
  • Universal Coupling – used on all infinity-space components for design flexibility.
Optional Components
  • C-Mount Beam Splitter – provides a second camera/detector port.
  • Filter Wheel Adapter – use with ASI FW1000 filter wheel.
  • Motorized positioner – use ASI LS-50 stage to focus the microscope system.
  • Inverted or Upright test stand and ASI motorized stages
Various Technical Drawings for MIM System Components

Tube Lens Technical Drawing

C60-Slider Assembly Technical Drawing

MIM System Kits

We offer several basic system kits for your convenience. Please click the icons below for more details on our kits or fill out the form at the bottom of the page if you have any questions regarding system kits or MIM configurations.

Basic Single Layer Microscopes

MIM basic backbone with automated focus and one horizontal imaging path.


Basic Double Layer Microscopes

MIM basic backbone with automated focus and two horizontal imaging paths.

CUBE-Based Microscopes

MIM basic backbone with automated focus for use with C60-CUBEs directly w/LS-50 stage. Can come with or without Short-Port.


CUBE-SLDR Microscopes

MIM backbone with automated cube slider amd automated focus w/LS-50 stage. Provides >15 mm focus travel. Can come with or without Short-Port.

MIM Components

MIM System components consist of tube lenses and tube lens assemblies, cubes and cube, adapters and fittings, and illumination.  Click on the images below to see lists of each type of component.


Cubes & Cube Components

View all of our MIM Cubes, Cube Kits and Cube Components.


Tube Lenses & Lens Tubes

View tube lenses, extension tubes and focus side components for the MIM System.

Illumination Components

View lamps and lighting accessories and MIM illumination components.


Objective Threads & Objective Focusing Components

View our objective threads and objective adapters as well as objective focusing components and objective mounts.

Camera Mounts

View camera mounts accessories and components for the MIM system.