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Command:HALT (\)

MS2000 or RM2000 syntax
Shortcut \ (the backslash character)
Format HALT
Tiger syntax
Shortcut \ (the backslash character)
Format HALT
Type Broadcast or Card-Addressed command

This command will stop all active motors and other actuators too. If there are no errors, a positive reply of :A will be returned. If the HALT command is given while a commanded move is in motion, the controller will reply with the :N-21 error.

Additional Notes regarding usage on Tiger
It’s usually a Broadcast command but can be used as a Card-Addressed Command as well. When addressed to a specific card, it stops motion on that card only. Note that to use as a Card-Addressed Command the full command HALT must be used instead of the shortcut \, because \ is handled quickly in the command parser.
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