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This page contains manuals and download links for software developed by ASI.

Firmware Updates:

ASI Console - update firmware and interact with MS-2000, RM-2000, and FW-1000 controllers.

Tiger Controller Console - update firmware and interact with TG-1000 controller.

Micro-Manager 1.4 Plugins:

ASI XYZ Tracker - keep a sample in view

Micro-Manager 2.0 Plugins:

ASI CRISP Control - control the CRISP through Micro-Manager.

ASI Stable Stage - detect and correct for thermal drift on XY stages.

ASI Ring TIRF Control - control Ring TIRF microscopes using ASI hardware.

ASI Gamepad - connect a controller to Micro-Manager.

Other Programs:

Tiger Control Panel - diagnostic tool for Tiger controllers

CRISP Ninja - standalone application

Phototrack Control Panel - for the ASI Phototrack system

Programming Support:


Python - send serial commands using pyserial, using pycro-manager, and using pymmcore.

Julia - control ASI hardware using the Julia programming language.


MATLAB - control ASI hardware with MATLAB.

LabVIEW - control ASI hardware with with LabVIEW.

Address: 29391 W Enid Rd. Eugene, OR 97402, USA | Phone: +1 (541) 461-8181
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