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Command:RDADC (RA)

MS2000 Syntax and Function
Shortcut RA
Format RA [X] [Y] [Z] [F]

Returns the present values on the MS2000's 4-channel ADC. The X and Y channels are used for the joystick. The Z and F channels may be used for special applications, e.g. Autofocus or ADC_LOCK and ADC_FOLLOW modes of controlling the stage. Special firmware is required for these applications.

If the system has Video Autofocus user can query the focus score with the Z parameter ie RDADC Z?

If the system has a temperature sensor, the user can query the temperature in 1/100 degrees celcius with the T parameter ie RDADC T? If there are two temperature sensors present, one connected to channel-1 and the other connected to channel-2 of an ADEPT Hub (I2C breakout board), then the M parameter also becomes active, E.G. RDADC T? M? would answer with :A 2565 2389 meaning sensor-1 has read 25.65C and sensor-2 has read 23.89C.


:A 128 128

Shows typical ADC values for a centered joystick.

Tiger and TGPMT Syntax and Function
Shortcut RA
Format [addr#]RA [X?] [Y?]
Units integer
Type Card-Addressed
Remembered Not Applicable

On a TGPMT card in a Tiger Controller, this is a Read Only command. It reports PMT signal read through an ADC onboard the TGPMT card.

X? Returns the ADC reading of PMT0

Y? Returns the ADC reading of PMT1

ADC Specification can be found here.


If the TGPMT card address was 7,

7 rdadc x? y?
:A 2 1

“2” is the ADC reading from PMT0, and “1” is the ADC reading from PMT1

7 ra x? y?
:A 2 1
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