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Command:SAVESET (SS)

MS2000 or RM2000 syntax
Shortcut SS
Format SAVESET [X][Y][Z]
Tiger syntax
Shortcut SS
Format [addr#]SAVESET [X][Y][Z]
Type Card-Addressed

SAVESET allows the user to save current parameters settings to Flash memory.
SAVESET Z , saves settings to flash memory
SAVESET Y , restores previously saved settings after a SAVESET X
SAVESET X , will reload factory defaults upon next power-up


Upon the start of execution of this command, the controller will reply with a : .

When the execution is complete, an A will follow the colon.

Note 1: During the time interval between the : and the A , no serial or manual moves should be given.

Note 2: In MS2000 Versions 6.1u and later (see VERSION command), limit settings (see SETLOW and SETUP) are saved if and only if the SAVEPOS command is issued after the command SAVESET Z.

MS2000 example
SS Z		

Saves current settings to flash memory.

Tiger example
1SS Z		

Saves Card#1 's current settings to flash memory.

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