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Command:AZERO (AZ)

MS2000 or RM2000 syntax
Shortcut AZ
Format AZERO [axis]…
Units Integers 0-255
Tiger syntax
Shortcut AZ
Format AZERO [axis]…
Units none
Type Axis-Specific

Automatically adjusts the zero balance of the motor drive card. The expected “zeroed” values of AZ are typically around 127, though acceptable values may fall between 90 and 164. If an axis is not zeroed, the stage may have very different performance in one direction compared to the other, e.g. it may have trouble landing from one direction.

If AZ replies with NOT Zerod , run it again. If its unable to zero, then you may need to change AA setting.


Queries the current AZ parameters.

AZ X? Y? Z?			
:A X=83 Y=78 Z=59

Runs the auto-zeroing algorithm on the X axis. Note: Multiple Axes can be set simultaneously (AZ X Y Z)

:A Zero C:1
A C:1 H:100 L:0
B C:0 H:92 L:0
Bracket H:92 L:76
E C:0 H:92 L:76
E C:0 H:92 L:84
E C:1 H:92 L:88
E C:0 H:90 L:88
Zerod at:90
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