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Command:WHERE (W)

MS2000 or RM2000 syntax
Shortcut W
Format WHERE axis [axis] [axis]…
Tiger syntax
Shortcut W
Format WHERE axis [axis] [axis]…
Type Axis-Specific

Returns the current position of the device for the axis specified.

The reporting precision of the WHERE command can be changed with the VB Z command.


If there are no errors, a positive reply of :A will be followed by the current position, in tenths of microns.

:A 1234.5  432.1 0

In this example, X is 123.45 microns from the origin, Y is 43.21 microns from the origin, and Z is sitting on the origin.

Notes:No matter which order the X, Y, and Z’s are specified in the WHERE command, the reply will always be in the order of the underlying hardware. Hence, the ordering of the responses does not necessarily follow the order of the query or alphabetical order. The order of the underlying hardware is first by card address (for Tiger only) and then by the ordering of the electronics on each card. The ordering of underlying hardware can be determined by using the Z2B query and also found in the output of the BU X command in the line beginning with “Motor Axes:”.

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