Setting up the ASI Console

ASI Console is for MS-2000 or RM-2000 Controllers Only.

For the TG-1000 controller please download our ASI Tiger Controller software. For any other questions please contact us.

ASI Console is a free downloadable application that uses communication via serial port or virtual serial port (USB-serial adapter) to control, configure, and update firmware of ASI devices.

Note: because of recent updates to the ASI Console application to allow use of the application offline, an older installed version on your machine, or parts of it, may not run. This is because of the need for older versions to connect to the internet and compare with the version on our website. We have removed this requirement, and in the process removed the functionality from our website to verify the current version. This was done to better service facilities that have restrictions on computers in laboratories and research settings not allowing internet access.

The resolution is:

1. Uninstall the ASI Console application from your machine using Control Panel -> Programs
2. Download the latest version from this page following the directions above.

This version will not attempt to interact with the internet and should function properly as a stand-alone application.