MS-2000 Small XY Stage

About the MS-2000 Small Stage

The MS-2000 XY stage has been specifically designed to provide a high resolution, and highly repeatable, means of controlling the X and Y position of a microscope stage. All axes derive their precise control through the use of closed-loop DC servomotors employing high-resolution rotary encoders for positioning feedback. By using closed-loop control of the stage position, there is no chance that the stage will become lost, as can occur with open-loop micro-stepped stages after a number of moves and direction changes. The MS-2000 XY stage utilizes crossed-roller slides, a high-precision lead screw, and zero-backlash miniature geared DC servomotors for smooth and accurate motion. The microprocessor-controlled MS-2000 control unit provides for RS-232 and USB communication with a host computer.

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MS-2000 Features
  • Closed-loop DC servo control of the XY-axes for precise positioning and repeatability
  • Wide dynamic speed range with XY joystick control
  • Backlit LCD display shows the coordinates
  • Works with ASI’s proven Z-axis drives
  • Proven operation with many popular software packages
  • “Zero” and “Home” button for simple stand-alone operations
  • Microprocessor control with RS-232 serial and USB communications
  • Compact ergonomic tabletop control unit size is 6”D x 9”W x 3”H (16½ x 23 x 9 cm)
  • Suitable for smaller upright microscopes, stand-alone, OEM, and specialty applications
MS-2000 Specifications for Standard Configuration
XY axis range of travel 100 mm x 100 mm
XY axis resolution (rotary encoder step) 0.022 μm
XY axis RMS repeatability < 0.7 μm
XY axis maximum velocity 7 mm /sec
Weight 5 lbs (2.27 Kgs)
Dimensions 8”D x 9”W x 2.5”H (20½ x 23 x 6.5 cm)

*Shown with 6.35 mm pitch Lead Screw

Product Compatibility
MS-2000 Product Compatibility
  • Leica – Aristoplan, Diaplan, DMLB, DMLS, DMLFS, Laborlux-D, Laborlux-S, Microplan, Orthoplan
  • Nikon – AZ100, Eclipse 400, Eclipse 600, Eclipse 600FN, Labophot, Microphot FXA, Microphot SA, Optiphot, Optiphot 1, Optiphot 2, Optiphot UD, SMZ800, SMZ1000, SMZ1500
  • Olympus – BH2, BX41, MVX Stereo, MX50, SZX12 Stereo, SZX16 Stereo
  • Zeiss – Axiolab, Axiophot II, Axioskop FS, Axiostar, Standard 16, Universal