IPZ-3000 Series Piezo Z-Axis Top Plate Insert

About the IPZ-3000 Series

The IPZ-3000 series piezo inserts will fit in most microscope stages with the standard 110 mm x 160 mm (K-size) stage insert opening. The piezo insert uses the same proven technology as our PZ-2000 series as a simple retrofit control on an existing XY stage. Several sample holders are available to fit the IPZ-3000 inserts for holding small dishes, slides or chambers. The piezo can be controlled with the MS-2000 controller, providing both USB and RS-232 communication to a host computer. Users with MS-2000 configuration for XY only can upgrade their controllers for Z control.

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IPZ-3000 Series Features
  • Proven operation with many software packages
  • Closed loop control of the Z-axis position for highly repeatable focusing
  • Several travel ranges available, 150 um, 300 um, and 500 um
PZM-2000 Specifications
Specification PZ-3150FT PZ-3300FT PZ-3500FT
Z axis range of travel (± 5%) 150 um 300 um 500 um
Piezo smallest move/resolution* 2.2 nm 4.5 nm 7.6 nm
Maximum Load for full range travel 2Kg 1Kg 1Kg
Transient Response time** 11 – 15 ms
External Analog input (BNC) 0 to 10 Volts
Maximum Input Frequency 20 Hz
Maximum Continuous Output Current 13mA

**Insert only provides piezo Z positioning with nanometer accuracy.
Requires modification of existing ASI controller or additional MS1 controller.
Requires IPZ-4000 series, or PI 545 series, sample holders sold separately.

Sample Holders
IPZ-3000 Series Sample Holder
IPZ-4001 Accepts a standard 1 x 3 slide, or a 35 mm petri dish
IPZ-4002 Accepts a standard 2 x 3 slide, or a 50/60 mm petri dish
IPZ-4003 Accepts the ASI I-2450 Autoclavable stainless steel rectangular chamber with replaceable 50 mm x 24 mm coverglass bottom, sealed in place by an O-ring. Outside dimension is 76.0 mm x 50.5 mm (2.99” x 1.99”). Inside diameter at bottom (viewable window) is 42.7 mm x 16.7 mm (1.68” x 0.65”). Height is 10.7 mm (0.42”). I-2450 must be purchased separately