Tunable Lens

About the Tunable Lens

ASI’s tunable lens is a versatile element for a variety of microscopy applications.

Tunable lenses can adjust the focal plane of a stationary microscope objective, replacing a focus stage. Using a bare tunable lens introduces significant optical aberrations, but combining the tunable lens with a 4f relay lens system reduces the aberrations to an acceptable level for many applications. ASI’s 4f relay assembly with integrated tunable lens can be placed at the camera port of any microscope with a C-mount interface. ASI’s XYZ Tracker uses a tunable lens in this manner to implement focus feedback on an auxiliary imaging path, allowing the tracker to automatically follow samples moving in Z.

More Info

TGTLC Features
  • Each card controls up to 2 tunable lenses
  • Control with serial commands, manual input devices (knob or joystick), or a 0-5V analog signal
  • For default lens: 15ms transient response, resonant frequency at 150Hz and 600Hz. Other lenses available
  • Includes compensation for temperature-induced focal shifts