LED Lamp Illuminator & Drivers

About ASI’s LEDs

ASI’s high intensity LED lamp source and driver is a simple way to provide transmitted light illumination, or even epi-fluorescent excitation when appropriate LED color is used. For transmitted light a white LED is used. LEDs are available in a range of colors with typically 20-30nm spectral half-widths for fluorescent excitation. The LEDs are rated at 3W and can supply ~100mW of luminous intensity depending on the specific LED wavelength. Using several beam splitter cubes and LED lamps, it is possible to construct a multi-color LED excitation system with these off-the shelf parts.

Illumination Applications

For Epi-Illumination Applications

C60-LAMP-ADPT(Universal Lamp Adapter) allows the MIM-LED-LAMP to be placed on the image side of a C60-TUBE-xx lens assemblies to make it into a excitation light condensers that can generate a collimated light. The lamp adapter contains a field stop aperture.

For Trans-Illumination Applications

The MIM-LED-LAMP can be used with OLY-TRANS-ILLUM kit for transmitted light inverted applications.

The OLY-TRANS-ILLUM kit is based upon the Olympus IX2-LWUCD condenser which combines a long working distance (WD 27mm) and a high numerical aperture (NA 0.55).

The trans-illumination kit contains the IX2-LWUCD with its 5-position turret and adjustable iris diaphragm. The kit also has a centerable condenser mount, a rack & pinion z-positioner for condenser focusing, and a high brightness LED lamp illuminator with adjustable field iris.

An optional kit (OLY-DIC-OPTION) of Olympus DIC prism and polarizer components is available for high-contrast, high-resolution images with 20X and 40X objectives.

For additional information on DIC microscopy see: http://www.olympusmicro.com/primer/techniques/dic/discoverview.html http://www.olympusmicro.com/primer/techniques/dic/dicconfiguration.html

Fluorescence Excitation
Fluorescence Excitation Applications 

For fluoresence microscopy where multiple wavelengths excitation source are needed , several C60-SHORTPORT can be used to connect Multiple MIM-LED-LAMPS (each with a LED of specified wavelength).

The C60-SHORTPORT have provision for a Dichroic filter to be installed in right angle to redirect Light sources to the same port.

This assembly can then be connected to a C60-TUBE-xx with a C60-LAMP-ADPT to generate a collimated light source.


LED Drivers

The MIM-LED-LAMPS can be ordered with one of two kinds