Custom Shutter Assemblies

About ASI’s Assemblies

ASI’s shutter housings provide a simple means of controlling light in both the UV and white light paths. The housings accept either normally open or normally closed Uniblitz shutters, which are sold separately, and mount in between the illuminator housing and microscope using the original microscope manufacturer’s mounting design. The thin 21.6mm design results in minimal extension of the light path. ASI’s shutters are encased in special housings that we have designed. These housings, like the ones shown here, are precisely machined to be inserted between the microscope’s light source and the microscope. The housings have been specifically designed to prolong the life of the shutters by dissipating heat. ASI shutter housings are available for most microscopes and are as easy to install as the original light source.

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Custom Shutter Assemblies Datasheets

Custom Shutter Assemblies Datasheet