Tunable Lens XYZ Tracker

About Tunable Lens

ASI’s Tunable Lens system consists of the C60-TUNELENS-4F assembly along with the TGTLC card of the TG1000 controller. The system lets the user remotely control the focus of the system without moving the objective.  C mounts are used to mount the C60 Tunable 4F assembly to the imaging camera and to the microscope’s photo port.

The C60-TUNELENS-4F assembly houses a shape changing polymer lens or tunable lens. The TGTLC card can vary the focal length of the lens by varying the current. The C60-TUNELENS-4F assembly is designed to be used with a microscope with the tube lens focused to the Back Focal plane of the objective so a change in the focal length of the tunable lens produces a focus change in the image too. The amount of focus change depends on the optics of the microscope, and the type of Objective.

For example  in an ASI RAMM Microscope, a 20x Objective produces 80 microns of focus change, while a 60x objective produces  8 microns of focus change. The focal length change of the tunable lens itself is +8 diopters to 20 diopters.

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Tunable Lens XYZ Tracker Features
  • TGTLC card can control up to 2 of the C60-TUNELENS-4F assemblies
  • Control with serial commands, manual input devices (knob or joystick), or a 0-5V analog signal
  • Aliasing is reduced with an onboard 5th order filter.
  • Open loop control
  • Very fast, 15ms transient response. Resonant frequency at 150Hz and 600Hz.
  • Tunable lens can be used on our RAMM and other manufactures’ microscopes
  • Acquire Z series without moving the objective by changing the focus position
  • Performs as continuous focus device when used with ASI’s XYZ Tracker Plugin in MicroManager
Tunable Lens XYZ Tracker Datasheets

Tunable Lens XYZ Tracker

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