Tiger Controller

About the Tiger Controller

The Tiger controller is an expandable modular card rack based system. Racks are available with either 8 or 16 card slots.
The Tiger is designed to control one or more microscope workstations simultaneously from a single USB connection.

More Info

Available Plugin Cards
Comm Card One required per system. Connects to host computer via USB. A PS/2 mouse input enables manual control of X,Y,and Z. In addition the Comm card provides analog and digital inputs and outputs which can be routed as needed to the system’s devices, for example the piezo focus option and trigger inputs. RS-485 backplane data bus connector, joystick connector.
Two-Axis Card Controls 2 DC servo axes such as X,Y,Z, Zoom, and supports rotary and linear encoder options.
Filter Wheel Controls two filter wheels. Requires 2 slots.
Piezo DAC Card Provides 2 DAC (0 to 10 V) outputs to control third party piezos.
ADEPT Piezo Card Controls one ASI piezo axis, optionally with CRISP autofocus. Requires 2 slots.
Micro Mirror Card Controls two micromirror (MEMS) beam steering actuators.
CRISP Card Provides CRISP focus control of DC servo stage such as LS-50, has TTL I/O.
PLC Card Programmable Logic TTL I/O card. Requires two slots.
PMT Dual PMT control card.
LED Card Controls 4 high-power LEDs.
Tunable Lens Card Controls 2 Optotune tunable lenses.