VTS-2300 Versatile Test Stand

VTS-2300 Features

Our Verstatile Test Stand is used in conjunction with our Modular Infinity Microscope System. Some of the features of the VTS-2300 include:

  • Base is a Breadboard on 25 mm centers tapped for M6 screws with threaded holes for risers for TE/TI-2000, TE-300, IX-71/81, DMI, and MS-2000 stages
  • Base feet provide vibration isolation
  • Z riser is adjustable on pillar blocks
  • Z motion from LS-50, LS-100, or LS-150 linear stage
  • Z illumination can use LED, LED and a Condenser (from below), or fiber illumination (from above)
  • Observation is with a Modular Infinity Microscope

More Info

MIM Specs
Basic MIM Specifications
  • Infinity Space Beam Splitter Cube – can be used for Epi-fluorescence filter cube or as right-angle objective adapter.
  • Objective Adapter – options for Nikon CFI60, Mitutoyo, or Olympus RMS thread objectives.
  • Universal Coupling – used on all infinity-space components for design flexibility.
  • C-Mount Beam Splitter – provides a second camera/detector port.
  • Filter Wheel Adapter – Use with ASI FW-1000 Filter Wheel.
Basic Components
Tube Lens 200 mm f.l.
Beam Splitter Olympus AX/BX/IX series cube
Beam Splitter Optical Length 60 mm
Objectives Supported Nikon CF160 Series, Mitutoyo LWD Series, *Olympus ∞ corrected
Camera Port C-Mount

*Olympus objectives will have overall magnification 1.11 x objective marking

LS-Stage Specs
LS-Series Linear Stage Specifications

LS-Series linear stages provide sub-micron accuracy, deriving their precise control by using closed-loop DC servomotors and employing high resolution rotary encoders for positioning feedback. An optional linear encoder can be added to the unit to provide even greater positioning accuracy.

The units have built-in limit switches, and can be configured with a number of lead screw options as outlined in the table below.

Lead Screw Pitch Options Rotary Encoder Resolution Maximum Speed
25.40 mm (Ultra-coarse) 88 nm 28 mm/sec
12.70 mm (Super-coarse) 44 nm 14 mm/sec
6.35 mm (Standard) 22 nm 7 mm/sec
1.59 mm (Fine) 5.5 nm 1.75 mm/sec
0.635 mm (Extra-fine) 2.2 nm 0.7 mm/sec