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Zeiss AxioExaminer FTP-2100 installation

Remove the top cover as shown & loosen the six screws noted with a 5 mm Allen wrench as shown.

Remove top of scope as shown & then used T25 wrench to remove four screws noted that secure factory spacer

Locate six screws & washers shown that attach spacer to microscope. Drop them in to the six openings on the spacer block as shown. M6 x 35 mm

Align spacer block with top of microscope as shown above, then flip top of microscope & microscope as shown below.

Use original screws that secured short factory spacer & T25 wrench to secure longer spacer onto top of microscope as shown in photos below.

Set top of microscope with Spacer installed on top of microscope body & use 5 mm Allen wrench to secure top of microscope & spacer to microscope body as shown below

Use T25 wrench to remove small dovetail and use 3 mm wrench to remove stops and install these on longer supplied dovetail as shown below

Use the original screws with fresh blue lock tight to attach the longer dovetail as shown. Attach the bottom screws first & insure the longer dovetail is aligned parallel to the bottom dovetail; this can be done by using a straight edge

As shown in the photos below remove the condenser assembly from the microscope body, and install the supplied cover in its place. Install the condenser assembly onto the condenser bracket as shown and install the complete assembly onto the stage.

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