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Command:WAIT (WT)

MS2000 or RM2000 syntax
Shortcut WAIT
Format WAIT [axis]=[time in msec]…
Units millisecond
Remembered Using SS Z
Tiger syntax
Shortcut WAIT
Format WAIT [axis]=[time in msec]…
Units millisecond
Type Axis-Specific
Remembered Using [addr#]SS Z

Sets the length of time msec, in milliseconds, the controller will pause at the end of a move. The busy status is not cleared during this pause state, unless the ''MAINTAIN'' behavior for the axis is set to code=3. Additionally, a P is displayed on the LCD display when in the Pause state. During the Pause state, the servo loop remains actively attempting to position the axis on target.

For a piezo stage axis, the controller enters the Pause state as soon as the command is received and the voltage applied to the piezo. The controller remains BUSY until the Pause state times out. Typically used to allow for piezo stage settling time.

For Phototargeting or MM_TARGET firmware , this can be used to specify the amount of time between the move initiation (either a ring buffer move or from the AIJ command) and when the laser pulse turns on. Thus it would normally be non-zero for at least one of the micro-mirror axes involved in phototargeting. Default for all axes in MM_TARGET firmware is 5 ms (usual default is 0 ms).

wt x?
:X=0 A
WT X=20

Sets the wait time for the X-axis to 20 ms.

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