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Command:RDSBYTE (RB)

MS2000 or RM2000 syntax
Shortcut RB
Format RDSBYTE axis [axis] [axis]…
Tiger syntax
Shortcut RB
Format RDSBYTE axis [axis] [axis]…
Type Axis-Specific

Requests the TG-1000 and MS-2000 to respond with the Status Byte.

The number is one byte, which can be broken down into 8 bits that represent the following internal flags:

Bit 00 = No commanded move is in progress.
1 = A commanded move is in progress.
This bit is synonymous with the STATUS command. If the bit is set, then STATUS returns B, otherwise STATUS returns N.
Bit 10 = The axis is disabled. It can be renabled by one of the following:
High Level command MC <axis>+, cycling the clutch switch for the Z-axis, Low Level StartMotor command (hex 47), or a system reset.
1 = The axis is enabled.
Bit 20 = Motor is inactive (off),
1 = Motor is active (on).
Bit 30 = Joystick/Knob disabled,
1 = Joystick/Knob enabled
Bit 40 = Motor not ramping,
1 = Motor ramping
Bit 50 = Ramping down,
1= Ramping up
Bit 6Upper limit switch:
0 = open,
1 = closed
Bit 7Lower limit switch:
0 = open,
1 = closed

: <byte as hexadecimal>


The X-axis example value of 0x8A means the following:
B7: 1 -X Axis is at its lower limit
B6: 0 -X Axis upper limit switch open
B5: 0 -Ramping down, if ramping
B4: 0 -Motor not ramping
B3: 1 -Joystick/Knob is enabled
B2: 0 -Motor power is off.
B1: 1 -X Axis is enabled
B0: 0 -No commanded move is in progress

Note: Motor power can be on while a commanded move is not in progress and the stage appears not to be moving. This happens when the motor is either making a final adjustment to a commanded move or when it is applying a force to maintain the stage position.

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