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Command:MOTCTRL (MC)

MS2000 or RM2000 syntax
Shortcut MC
Format MOTOCTRL [Axis]±
Tiger syntax
Shortcut MC
Format MOTOCTRL [Axis]±
Type Axis-Specific

This command enables + or disables - the controller’s ability to control the motor of a certain axis. The motor control voltage is set to zero and the position feedback control is not monitored when the motor is in disabled - mode. The electronics of the controller will attempt to keep the motor from moving while disabled, however, it should be noted that this is an open-loop brake control only, and any movement or drift is not corrected.

When queried with MC <axis>?, the controller returns values of 1 or 0 representing enabled and disabled respectively. The MS2000 controller may also return a value of 2 if the clutch is disengaged, there is a switch on the front of the controller to toggle the clutch state.

If there are no errors, the positive reply :A will be sent back from the controller.

MC X+ Y+ Z-

This example shows that the X and Y motor control is enabled, but disables the Z motor control.

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