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Array Module
MS2000 or RM2000 syntax
Shortcut IJ
Format AIJ [X=i] [Y=j]
Units array location
Required Firmware Module ARRAY
Tiger syntax
Shortcut IJ
Format [addr#]AIJ [X=i] [Y=j]
Units array location
Type Card-Addressed
Required Firmware Module ARRAY

Used with the ARRAY command to move to array location (i,j), where i and j are the indices of the desired array location. The AHOME location is position (1,1). The query “AIJ X? Y?” will return the i and j locations where the stage is currently.

Tiger MicroMirror Phototargeting
Shortcut IJ
Format [addr#]AIJ [X=horiz_position] [Y=vert_position]
Units axis units
Type Card-Addressed
Required Firmware Module MM_TARGET
Remembered Using [addr#]SS Z

Moves to the specified location (horiz_position, vert_position) subsequently pulses the laser TTL signal. Positions are specified in axis units (the same as used by the WHERE or MOVE command). If the X and/or Y argument is omitted, the corresponding position from the last AIJ command will be used. Note that the position is changed as a side effect of this command. The WHERE or MOVE command will change the beam position without pulsing the laser TTL signal.

The TTL output used was the micromirror card itself (rarely wired to anything) until v3.35, but as of v3.36 the laser trigger backplane line is used instead so that the signal is more accessible.

The settling delay before turning on the laser and the laser pulse high time are specified using the WAIT and RTIME commands respectively.

The assignments of horizontal and vertical axes are done using the SCAN command (most users will never need to change the defaults: the horizontal or X axis is the card’s first axis and the vertical or Y axis is the card’s second axis).

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