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Command:AFMOVE (AM)

MS2000 and RM2000 Syntax
Shortcut AM
Format AFMOVE [X=0 or 1] [Y=0 or 1]
Units interger code (0 or 1)
Remembered Using SS Z
Tiger Syntax
Shortcut AM
Format [Addr#]AFMOVE [X=0 or 1] [Y=0 or 1]
Units interger code (0 or 1)
Type Card-Addressed
Remembered Using [Addr#]SS Z

At this time this Autofocus 2 feature isn't supported on Tiger controllers.

A mode command that influences subsequent commanded moves. If X=1, then upon completion of a commanded XY move (MOVE and MOVREL), for example, MOVE X=123 Y=456 , a multi-axis controller will then automatically initiate an auto-focus.

Y=1 enables the SAFE_TURRET module. Y=0 disables it.


:A or Error Reply.

AM X=1
:A X=1
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