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MS2000 and RM2000 Syntax
Shortcut AFADJ
Format AFADJ [X=zero pot value] [Y=video amplitude value] [Z=value]
Units integer
Remembered Using SS Z
Tiger Syntax
Shortcut AFADJ
Format [Addr#]AFADJ [X=zero pot value] [Y=video amplitude value] [Z=value]
Units integer
Type Card-Addressed
Remembered Using [Addr#]SS Z

X & Y values range between 0 and 100. Y determines amplitude of the video signal entering the system. Setting a 0 value attenuates a video signal completely, while a setting of 100 lets the full signal go through. Attenuating a video signal also reduces the noise in the signal. If the focus value on the LCD reads 2047, then the system is saturated with too much signal, try reducing the Y value.

X is the zeroing potentiometer; the value of X should be set such that, when Y is 0, the focus value is also 0000 (or as close as possible).

Z sets the gain of the final Analog to Digital Converter (ADC) in the auto-focus system. Range: 0 to 3. By adjusting this setting, a focus value for a sparse sample can be magnified to get better focus. If an incorrect value of gain is used, the ADC saturates and the focus value reaches 2047. Upon system restart, the setting returns to its default value of 0. Perform an SS Z command to save the current gain setting in non-volatile memory.

Z=0 1x
Z=1 2x
Z=2 4x
Z=3 8x

:A or Error Reply

AFADJ X=15 Y=95

(Error indicates missing arguments)

AFADJ X=1000 Y=-12 Z=4

(Error indicates arguments out of range)

AFADJ X=20 Y=90

(Error indicates operation failed, try entering one argument at a time)

:A X=20 Y=95
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