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Changing Z Linear Encoder Headers on the MS-2000

You should be familiar with the MS/MFC-2000 controller before attempting the header swapping, and you will need a 3/16” socket driver and small pliers.

STEP 1: Turn off the power and remove all cables attached to the controller.

STEP 2: Remove the six case screws located on the back top and bottom front of the controller (to avoid stripping screws when removing bottom screws, apply pressure to keep the top and bottom covers together while removing/inserting screws).

STEP 3: Remove the White Top lid from the Blue Case bottom. (Note: on older units a flat screwdriver may be required to pry the lid off by placing the screwdriver under the white lid at the corners on the top.)

STEP 4: Unplug the ten pin box header from SV-2 on the Motherboard, (Left Corner).

STEP 5: Using a 3/16” socket driver and pliers remove the two jack screw nuts and the two lock washers from the back of the Z-Linear Encoder Header. Remove any parts that fall inside the controller.

STEP 6: Next, check to see that the replacement Z- Linear Encoder Header works before mounting the header by connecting the linear encoder to the Z- Linear Encoder Header at one end and to the SV-2 mother board port at the other. Next turn on the controller in Z- L.E. mode, (dip switch #6 down), and check the motion of the Z drive.

If the system performs correctly then the Z- Linear Encoder Header can be mounted into the case in the reverse order it was removed. Next if all the wires are routed away from the joystick and that the case is clean and clear of foreign debris, (screws, washers, etc.). The lid can now be screwed back on with the six 4-40 screws in reverse order of step 2. Once the lid is screwed on jiggle the case to make sure that nothing is rattling around inside the case.

If the system runs away or doesn’t move contact ASI for further instructions

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