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How to Swap ADEPT(Piezo Drive cards) in a TG-1000 Controller

This tech note contains instruction on how to remove an ADEPT(Piezo Drive) card from a Tiger Controller(TG-1000) and replace it with another.

Tools Need
  • A Medium Phillips(Star) screwdriver
  • A Small Flat screw driver
  • A Pair of small wire cutter

Accessing Tiger Mother Card from TG1000 controller

The ADEPT(Piezo Drive card) comes paired with a Tiger Mother card. This card can be removed from the TG-1000 controller by unscrewing the 4 Faceplate Screws with a Flat screw driver.

Then Pull the entire card out to continue the repair

Disconnect the Connectors

The ADEPT card , is connect to the Tiger Mother connector with 5 connectors.

  • There are two SMB connectors
  • Two 10-pin Header connector, and
  • 5-pin Molex connector

Unscrew the mounting screws

Then Unscrew the four 4-40 mounting screws with a Phillips(Star) screwdriver.

Now the ADEPT Card can be removed from the Tiger Mother card.

Bare Tiger Mother card


Put the replacement ADEPT card on the four stand-off. And screw the four 4-40 mounting screws again.

Reconnect all the 5 connectors.

5-Pin Molex connector
The First 10-pin Header connector
The Second 10-pin Header connector
And the Two SMB connectors

In the Picture , the low BNC connector, connects to the Left SMB connector (shown with RED arrows)

the Upper BNC connector , connects to the Right SMB connector (shown with PURPLE arrows)

Slide the Tiger-Mother card back into the Tiger Controller, and then you are done!

If you have any problems removing or installing the Adept Piezo Daughter Boards contact a ASI technician for further instructions on the procedure so that you don’t get frustrated and the system doesn’t get damaged.

Address: 29391 W Enid Rd. Eugene, OR 97402, USA | Phone: +1 (541) 461-8181
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